The life and struggle of a teenager is very captivating. We want to be heard, our opinions understood and our ideas welcomed. We have got aspirations yet sick of school. We have got goals like that of a business man but our effort is nothing less than that of a blind man. I was privileged to ask some parents about their parenthood and it seemed to me that the most challenging part of their parenting was when their children were teens. It is undeniably true that teenagers are or can be thorns in the flesh. Well it’s not our fault that we are like young birds finally getting to the climax of life, but would not want to take little steps as enthusiasm and curiosity seemed to be our driving force.

As parents, patience, understanding and development of a close relationship with your teenager will go a long way in saving their world. You will be amazed how much they wish to tell you but fear of being yelled at or ignored make us to withdrawn back into our shell. This is one of the reasons we spend hours with gadget chatting with friends on social media rather than having a close face to face conversation with family. Our best moment is solitude and our worst chastisement is comparison with either older or younger.

This solitude of teenagers can be removed if only you would spend so much time with us and make us understand how much you love us. Although, the Bible supports the maxim, spare the rod and spoil the child, words really go long way in teens. Believe it or not, not every teen likes to hear the words; ‘I am disappointed in you’, but it goes a long way, much farther than bruises from their parent’s no matter how tough they act. I am a living testimony.

As I draw down the curtains, if you think you need a fresh start with your teens, try this. Do not give excuses of your business because excuses are nothing less than tools used to build up the monument of nothingness. Give this a thought, I tell you, you would not regret it. Remember to keep cool and calm.


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