Difas School is a private co-educational school which offers qualitative education. It is government approved and registered with International bodies like AISEN and more.


Difas Private School offers qualitative education, using British/Nigerian curriculum in both nursery and primary school.

Difas College runs a six year session from from year 7 (Jss 1) to year 9 (Jss 3) and year 10 (SSS 1) to year 12 (SSS 3).


An extensive extra-curricular activities schedule completes the academic programme with chess & scrabble, clubs, music, dance e.t.c Orchestra performances are done regularly to enhanmce the pupils & students mastery in musical instruments.


The school is on one acre and facilities include:

  • Conducive classrooms
  • E-library/resource center
  • Electronic learning system
  • Boarding house
  • Art & Craft studio
  • ICT studio
  • Home Economics/Tailoring laboratory
  • Food & Nutrition laboratory
  • Clinic
  • Olympic size swimming pool
  • Sports & fun center


Difas school emphasizes on the children’s development, responsibility and discipline. Pupils and students are involved in leadership to enhance self-independence.

The school appoints prefects annually from grade 3-5 I primary and year 7-12 in the secondary.

The school places great importance on high standard of courtesy, smartness and self-descipline.


  • Admission of children between 6months & 4years into crèche, kindergarten and nursery.
  • Admission of children from age 5 into primary by examination.
  • Admission of children from age 10 into secondary by examination.